This Competition began in 2003.

It is a 4 Ball Betterball Stableford competition played over 18 Holes.

Neil Murry and Steve Hunt
Winners 2019

2019 Steve Hunt and Neil Murry
2018 Brian Spary and John Wood
2017 Ken Lunn and Steve Smith
2016 Trevor Cash and Jack Roberts
2015 Peter Schofield and Gordon Howard
2014 Peter Grimshaw and Harold McGuinness
2013 Derek Saunders and Barrie Robinson
2012 Jim Wilson and Gordon Howard
2011 Gordon Howard and Dave Price
2010 Geoff Allen and Jack Simpson
2009 Peter Farrimond and Fred Griffin
2008 Peter Farrimond and Peter Monks
2007 Dave Price and Jack Simpson
2006 Gordon Howard and Derek Saunders
2005 Brian Best and Colin Hare
2004 Geoff Allen and Keith Cowell
2003 Harold Lomas and Bill Taylor

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